Kenneth Turner PhD

Research Triangle Area
North Carolina

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How I work with people:

Most people think about working with a professional on their problems because they are finding life uncomfortable and they want to do something about it.   Sometimes this is because a change or challenge has arrived unexpectedly.   Sometimes they have just become fed up with some situation and want to make a change but donít see quite how.   I can help you evaluate your situation and your available options objectively.   I can also suggest options or possibilities that you may not have considered.

I cannot tell you how to live your life but I can help you understand how, in fact, you are living it.  I cannot tell you what to choose, but I can help you see what you are choosing.   I offer a friendly, non-judgmental environment in which you can explore what you really want out of life and what your priorities really are.   You may find that your priorities and what you want are in conflict.   In that case I can help you examine possible changes.   In all cases, you are in charge of your life.   My job is to help you see as clearly as possible where you seem to be going and what the possibilities are for a change of course if that is what seems best for you.

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