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Transforming Habits:

Most of us have habits we would like to change.† Usually we say we would like to get rid of them.† However, habits donít go away easily.† Thatís what makes them habits.† In general, if you want to get rid of a habit, you must replace it with something else that does at least part or what the old habit did for you.† To change a habit we need to find out what it is doing for us, not just to us; then we can keep the benefit and reduce the cost.

Frequently hypnosis is very helpful with this process.† Hypnosis is not some magic thatís done to you.† Itís something that you learn to do yourself, usually with the help of someone who knows how to direct the process for greatest efficiency.† YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL.†

Hypnosis can put you in touch with parts of yourself that you are usually unconscious of even though you use them every day.†† First we identify the benefits your habit initially gave you.† Then we negotiate with the parts that are in charge of the habit so that the same benefits may be obtained by other less objectionable means.

Kenneth Turnerís training in this area was taken at the Stress and Anxiety Management Institute of Atlanta.† Areas where hypnosis has proven to be useful are, among many others, weight control, helping with substance abuse (including smoking), and dealing with anxiety and stress.† Call for an appointment today when you are ready to make some real changes in your life.

Substance abuse is always a difficult problem.   There are many approaches and not every one will work for everybody.   For those who feel the need for specialized assistance in this area, or medical support while they deal with changing their habits, associations, and behavior, I reccommend WellStep in Atlanta.

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