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Kenneth Turner PhD

Research Triangle Area
North Carolina

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A bit about Kenneth Turner:

Kenneth Turner brings a variety of life experience to his his work with people.   He has earned a Ph.D. in Physics (Princeton, 1962), and an M.A. in Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (University of West Georgia, 2007), and passed the National Counselors exam.   He has been an astronomer, an administrator, a federal bureaucrat, an executive at a high tech start up company, a college professor, an entrepreneur, and a psychotherapist.   He has been underemployed, overemployed, and unemployed.   He has been married, helped raise children (his own and others), lived abroad, been widowed, remarried, and retired.  

Kenneth holds certifications in the Body Centered Transformation techniques of Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, and in the Enneagram personality development approach of Kathy Hurley and Theodorre Donson.   He is fluent in Spanish.

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