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to my website.  I talk with folks to help them deal with those difficulties that seem to come at us faster and more challengingly every day.

Often these problems occupy all our attention, and we loose track of our real priorities.   At other times they can seem to be a constant irritation, distracting us from experiencing the goodness that life has to offer.

In times of stress talking things over with a sympathetic person who has an objective point of view can be very helpful.   It can help us sort out our priorities and suggest points of view or possibilities that we may not have considered.   The process can help us step back and reflect on what we really want and find our direction in life when we seem to have lost it.

Why should I do this?

The one thing we can reliably expect in this world is the unexpected.   Even anticipated changes arrive with inevitable surprises.   When this happens most of us find an outside view helpful in examining our options and perhaps offering a few we haven't thought of.   This is exactly what I am here to provide.   I will help you deal creatively with change.

There are many possible approaches to working with change.   We may wish help in planning a life transition creatively and then in executing the plan.   Perhaps we ould like to learn how to change our lives for the better by dealing with persistent problems.   Or we may wish to examine our lives more deeply and engage more fundamental questions.

By working with an objective and sympathetic helper, you can move into the life you wish to lead, one practical step at a time.   Act decisively now to achieve the life you really want!   Call (678) 524-1584 today for an appointment to explore the path to a future of your choosing.

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